The amount of time we spend on electronic devices has been on the rise for years, but perhaps never as much as now, when so many adults are working from home and so many kids are participating in virtual learning. 

You most certainly have heard about the harmful effects these devices have on your eyes, including the risks associated with blue light. 

Whether during an in office eye exam, or passing a colleague in the hall, or texting with family and friends, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t tell me about their ocular symptoms as they relate to screen time and/or someone doesn’t ask me about screen time safety. “Are blue light glasses worth it?” “My eyes hurt when I’m on the computer for too long.” “How often should the kids take a break from the screen?” “It’s really blurry when I try to look at something in the distance after I’ve been on my phone.” 

So, what does the data really tell us about the use of digital devices? How can screen time impact our eyes and our general wellbeing?

Click here to see the latest information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology about the effects of blue light on your health and tips for safe screen time. 

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