Marshall Ophthalmology announces Chronic Care Management partnership with CareHarmony 

At Marshall Ophthalmology, we know managing your health care can be overwhelming—CareHarmony Care Coordination Service is designed to make managing your health a whole lot easier!

Marshall Ophthalmology is proud to announce its partnership with CareHarmony, a Chronic Care Management services provider focused on empowering patients to better manage their chronic conditions. The Medicare-sponsored care coordination program is designed to give patients greater support and access to care between office visits, even while at home.  

Chronic Care Management extends patient care outside the four walls of a physician’s practice to ensure an added layer of support for chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, depression, or high blood pressure. Eligible patients can benefit by receiving monthly telephone assistance from CareHarmony’s dedicated Care Coordinators, who are specially trained to tailor treatment to each patient’s individual needs, including: 

  • Assistance with scheduling appointments, lab tests or other tests 
  • Explaining how and when to take medications 
  • Coordinating home health or medical equipment needs 
  • Connecting patients with health education resources, services and programs 
  • Identifying available community resources 
  • Coordinating follow-up care after leaving the hospital 
  • Accessing other support services to help promote health and wellness 

In addition, patients enrolled in the program are granted access to a 24/7/365 Care Coordinator Line to help answer any questions and provide additional assistance, as needed.

This service is covered by Medicare and is subject to your annual deductible and coinsurance (usually 20%). If you have a secondary or supplemental insurance plan, your coinsurance may be covered. It is best to review exactly what your insurance plan covers.  

A CareHarmony Care Coordinator from Marshall Ophthalmology will be calling you soon to explain the service and answer questions. You can enroll in this service or decline it at that time. If you have questions or would like to enroll now, please call (269) 248-7850 to speak with a Care Coordinator.  

Getting you the right support to coordinate your care and achieve your healthcare goals is important to us. Please consider taking advantage of this unique service so we can work with you to help improve your health.  

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