Per the latest guidelines and recommendations from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for the safety of our patients and staff, we have made significant changes to our business practices. 

We recognize that some of these measures may pose an inconvenience to some patients and their families, but all of the steps have been undertaken with our primary responsibility as physicians in mind: primum non nocere (“first do no harm”). We are committed to providing a safe environment for you as well as to providing outstanding ophthalmic clinical care. 

Detailed actions we are taking to protect you:

-Performing telehealth visits for certain complaints and conditions. 

-Thorough cleaning of premises every morning and at regular intervals throughout the day, in accordance with state and local guidelines for healthcare facilities. 

-Removal of all high risk surfaces, like magazines and toys, from the reception area. 

-Arrangement of waiting room furniture to maintain social distancing. 

-Installation of a medical grade air purifier with HEPA filter. 

-Daily screening of staff for fever and symptoms. 

-Scheduling fewer patients and increasing the amount of time allotted per appointment in an attempt to decrease the number of patients in the office simultaneously. 

-Referring all patients with positive screening to PCP for further evaluation prior to being seen in the office. 

-Temperature screening at the entrance to the Medical Office Building and referral to PCP or COVID Clinic if abnormal. 

-Asking patients to arrive as close to scheduled appointment time as possible to avoid multiple people in the reception area.

-Allowing only patients with an appointment to enter the office (exceptions will be made for parents/legal guardians of a minor or caregivers for dependent persons). 

-Requiring all patients (and caregivers) to wear a face mask covering mouth and nose at all times while in the office.

-Requiring staff to wear appropriate personal protective equipment including face masks, shields, gloves, and/or gowns.

-Usage of a protective shield between reception area and front desk staff.

-Usage of a breath shield on the slit lamp microscope to create a barrier between the patient and doctor during this portion of the exam.

It is our sincere pleasure to provide your eyecare. We appreciate your patience as we try to safely deliver the best possible eyecare during these difficult and unprecedented circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our new protocols, please don’t hesitate to call.

-Dr. Shannon Martin & the Staff of Marshall Ophthalmology

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